Adiemus Worldwide Fan Club

  1. What is the Adiemus Worldwide Fan Club?

    In early 1998, Suvi Kaikkonen, a longstanding fan of Karl Jenkins, Miriam Stockley and Adiemus, started to interact with other fans at the now-legendary Adiemus Unofficial Home Page. A bit later she had an idea to set up a fan club for Adiemus. Suvi contacted Karl Jenkins Music Ltd. and asked them for their support. On February 10, 1998 a phone call from KJM was the key that unlocked the door, and the rest ... as they say ... is history!

  2. What does the Fan Club do?

    As of January 2002, there are active members in the fan club from all over the world (Mauritius, Canada, USA, Germany, Japan, Brunei and other territories) including the founding member's Finland. So far there have not been any member meetings, but the interaction between the members (and other fans) is, thanks to modern communications methods, very active and lively.

    Although we don't arrange any meetings among the members, there are a lot of other kind of activities and things to be done:

  3. How can I ... ?

    Already interested in joining? Then just read on to learn how to get the three annual magazines! Send these items to the founder by ordinary mail:

  4. Are there any special offers?

    The Adiemus Worldwide Fan Club has a special offer. All new members joining from 2002 onwards are free to pick out some of the past fan magazine issues plus those published in the current year. So, what are you waiting for?

    Welcome to the Adiemus Worldwide Fan Club, the only one in the world as far as we know!

Contact the founder, Ms. Suvi Kaikkonen, for further information on becoming a fan club member via e-mail HERE.

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