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A-ri-a-di-e-mus la-te
A-ri-a-di-e-mus da
A-ri-a-di-na-tus la-ta a-du-a.

A-ra-va-ne tu-e va-te
A-ra-va-ne tu-e va-te
A-ra-va-ne tu-e va-te la-te-a.

A-na-ma-na coo-la-re-we
A-na-ma-na coo-la ra
A-na-ma-na coo-la ra-we a-ka-la

A-na-ma-na coo-la ra-we a-ka-la.
A-na-ma-na coo-la ra-we a-ka-la.
A-ya doo a-ya
A-ya doo a-ya.

(Repeat from top)

Sheet Music

The lyrics are taken from sheet music for the song (ID: “Jenkins ADIEMUS piano solo 10375”, published by Boosey & Hawkes). My thanks to Andrew Walker (http://www.york.ac.uk/~amw103/walk.html) for supplying the lyrics & information.

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