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Welcome to the Adiemus Unofficial Home Page—the original, and most comprehensive, site on the Internet devoted to the British "new age" ensemble. To find any Adiemus-related information/resource, to discuss Adiemus and their music with people literally from around the world, or to buy the Adiemus CD's themselves, please visit the areas below:

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Adiemus FAQ
General information, including backgrounds/biographical material.

Music Store
Order the Adiemus/Jenkins CD's and tapes—including Songs of Sanctuary,
Cantata Mundi, Dances of Time, The Eternal Knot, Adiemus Live!, Vocalise,
Imagined Oceans, The Armed Man,, Diamond Music
and related albums—directly from this site.

A public message forum devoted to discussion of Adiemus and their music.

A complete (more or less) list of CD's by or featuring Adiemus.
Includes Lyrics to virtually all the Adiemus songs.

Sound Gallery
High-quality RealAudio clips of selected Adiemus songs,
as well as the complete Adiemus MIDI collection.

Image Gallery
A collection of Adiemus photos, album covers/graphics, and artwork.

Links to Adiemus-related Web sites.