Adiemus - Sound Gallery

To whet your appetite for the real thing, check out these high-quality RealAudio clips of
selected songs from the Adiemus and Karl Jenkins albums. (All clips are approximately 30
seconds long and 100k-150k in size.) For Adiemus MIDI files, see the bottom of this page. Minimum of RealPlayer vG2 plug-in/player from RealNetworks required
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Copyright Sony Music/Karl Jenkins Music LTD

Adiemus IV: The Eternal Knot RealAudio Clips

"Ceredwen's Curse"

"Cu Chullain"

"King Of The Sacred
The Eternal Knot "Math Was A Wizard"

"St Declan's Drone"

"The Dagda"

Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary RealAudio clips


Songs of Sanctuary "Amate Adea"


Adiemus II: Cantata Mundi RealAudio clips

"Song of Tears"

"Song of the Spirit"

"Song of the Plains"
Cantata Mundi "Song of Aeolus"



Adiemus III: Dances of Time RealAudio clips

"Intrada & Pavan"

"Rain Dance"

Dances of Time "Hymn To The Dance"

"Dos A Dos"


Karl Jenkins: Diamond Music RealAudio clips

"Palladio (Allegretto)"
Diamond Music "Passacaglia"

Karl Jenkins: Imagined Oceans RealAudio clips

"Mare Crisium"
Imagined Oceans "Mare Australis"

Adiemus MIDI Files

"Adiemus"   ·   "A Ma Ka Ma"   ·   "Cantus Iteratus"
"Roosh Ka Ma"   ·   "Za Ma Ba"   ·   "Sol-Fa"

My thanks to Stuart Haxton, their creator, for sending these MIDIs to me.

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